Experts network

Contract research must be a continuously evolving process driven by the multidisciplinary challenges of modern drug development.
In order to keep up with the most recent, interlinked advances in biomedical sciences CERB has elaborated a sophisticated network of experts being outstanding in their respective supplementary working disciplines:


P. Bougnoux (University of Tours, France): Cancer Research

A. Crossman (University of Manchester, UK): Neurodegenerative Diseases, Parkinson

P. Finn (JPF Consultancy, UK): Histopathology

J.S.L. Fowler (Research & Liaison, UK): General Toxicology and Training of Junior Scientists;

D. Marzin (Institut Pasteur de Lille, France): Genetic Toxicology

J.Y. Le Guennec (University of Montpellier, France): Electrophysiology

A. Le Pape: (University of Tours and CIPA, CNRS Orléans, France): Small animal imaging.

J. and S. Tesh (Tesh Consultants International, UK): Reproduction Toxicology